Cuddly Cushion Premium

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Small but fine – and with an irresistible aroma of valerian or catnip. Our new 4cats premium cuddle cushion ensures long hours of enjoyment sniffing and playing. Because of the soft filling and manageable size it can be seized between the paws, played with and licked or taken to be cuddled in a quiet place where your furry friend can take in the exciting fragrance of valerian or catsnip in peace. Valerian and catnip have a very stimulating effect on a lot of cats and ensures that the Premium Cuddle Cushion will be of interest for a long time.

Because of our top quality processing the cushion with its tried and tested filling of pure valerian root or catsnip can stand long, ongoing cuddling sessions. Our Cuddle Cushion measures 7.5 x 10 x 1.5 centimetres and is manufactured in Germany and packed there too.

A cuddle cushion to fall in love with – for both you and your cat.

The new premium edition uses a new fabric that gives each cushion a lush luxurious feel. In addition it comes inside a card board sleeve that can be used to store the toy in between play sessions.

Cuddly Cushion Premium
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