Cuddly Cushion Wildlife Basic

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Simply wild – with our Cuddly Cushion from the wildlife edition, even small predators deserve it. Because of its robust manufacture, this cuddly cushion made of attractive imitation animal fur is just the job for cats which like to run riot playing with their valerian or catsnip toys and happily using their teeth and claws. Furthermore, the soft, easy to grab upper surface and of course the white cotton wool fleece filling and pure, natural valerian root or instead of this, the 4catsnip formula cry out to be cuddled and enjoyed. Our Cuddly Cushion, with the exciting filling, is made wholly in Germany and packed there too. It measures 7.5 x 10 centimetres so that the cuddly toy can be perfectly carried by your ‘front room tiger’ and thrown about. Manufacture is to Oeko-Tex® 100 standards. Give yourself and your little furry friend this attractive cuddly cushion, your pal will be delighted.

Cuddly Cushion Wildlife Basic
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