Cuddly Heart Basic

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Cats are little heartbreakers and with this cuddly toy your cat’s heart will certainly beat harder. The Cuddly Heart is made of velveteen, filled with pure valerian root or our special 4catsnip formula and cotton wool fleece. It is the perfect size and shape for your furry friend to bury his nose and face deep into the Cuddly Heart, rub his head against it and enjoy the exciting valerian or catsnip fragrance to the full.

And so you can give him this enjoyment without worrying; we have ensured robust production with no glue and parts which can come off or be swallowed. Like all our cuddly toys this delightful sales hit is freshly filled and packed in Germany. Give your feline friend a Cuddly Heart, he will be all yours.

Cuddly Heart Basic
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