Dog Body with Legs & Zipper

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Animal Medical Solutions

  • Protects the animal skin from allergies, irritations and sun
  • Chemical-free tick protection
  • Protects wounds from dirt, licking and scratching
  • The Body is optimally adjusted to the animal‘s anatomy
  • Prevents snowballs in e.g. dog’s fur
  • Does not hinder urination or defecation

Used after surgeries, the Body Basic is acomfortable way to protect wounds and is the alternative to the pet cone.

As the material is also run-proof, this allows for multifunctional usage.

The body should be worn very tightly, especially the bitch, to prevent the pants of getting dirty by urinating.

More comfortable to put on and take off thanks to the zipper.

See sizing chart in description.

Dog Body mit Zipper
Dog Body with Legs & Zipper