Elanox Tick Tongs

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New and easy to use | for pets and humans

Made in Germany – patented tick tongs with lifting function.

  • The tick gripper is made of high quality plastic (recyclable) and is very robust. Only 4 grams light and approx. 6 x 4.5 x 1.2 cm.
  • Helps quickly and painlessly remove ticks from dogs, cats, horses and human beings. No slipping, no squeezing, no twisting, no irritation when removing ticks
  • Gentle lifting of the ticks thanks to the innovative gripping and lifting mechanism with ramp function = reduces the risk of infection to a minimum compared to conventional tick tongs/hooks/tweezers.

Ticks are dangerous parasites and should be removed as quickly as possible. There is a lot on the Internet about this topic, but only one method really helps: to remove the tick with a mechanical tool such as a tick pliers as quickly as possible. Easy to put on and press on the skin is enough to then remove the tick without any danger by squeezing the pliers.

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