Motif Cushion Premium

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Includes 7.7% MwSt

These cat toys are filled with cotton wool fleece certified by German OEKO TEX 100 standards and valerian root OR a fresh catnip formula – exclusively designed by 4cats to guarantee the very best possible aroma. The flat 11-square-centimetre (approx.) cushions are always ready to bring playtime to life, regardless of whether they are thrown into the air, or whether your cat chooses to play with them with all four paws, cuddles or licks them. They are suitable for all types of cat, lazy, playful, old or young alike.

The colourful cushion design is achieved thanks to its strong outer cover and specific thematic finish in thick or fine cord or canvas. To avoid frayed edges, the paw, chick or crown designs are cut with a CO2 laser. Our production process is designed to ensure your cuddly toys enjoy a long life while guaranteeing 100% safety for your house tigers. This is of paramount importance to us and so we completely avoid glue, metal, fur or artificial fur as well as any small parts that might be swallowed. The high-quality woven label is sewn in.

Motif Cushion Premium
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