Safety Tube – Wound protection for all animals

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The solution for all animals

The VetMedCare products offer pleasant wound protection for very small up to large animals. e.g. leg, back, belly, head or tail protection. 

The 1 m cuttable tube, available in different diameters (ladder-resistant material) offers a variety of applications:

  • Ideally wound protection for small animals: The tube is easy to use, cut it to the desired length, cut out the required holes and you’re done for your camel, horse, ferret, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, Koi etc.
  • Used as a leg protection, it can be fixed to the dog & cat body (push buttons are available separately), in certain cases a body with 4 legs might be more practical
  • Hygienically clean because washable up to 60 °C | 140°F
  • Protects the animal skin from allergies, irritations and sun
  • Chemical-free tick protection
  • Protects wounds from dirt, licking and scratching
  • Breathable and quick-drying

See more benefits and sizing chart in description.

Safety Tube – Wound protection for all animals